The 10 Acres

Once there was a place,
where whose enchantment was limited only by a boy's creative imagination.
Was it the enchanting green grass covered moors,
or the babbling crystal brook that flowed lazily by the tall timbers,
or maybe the dense forest jungle area, with its ghostly shadows moving,
or the thicket where the huckleberries grew,
or maybe the shallow wading pond with the ever present tadpoles and bullfrogs lived,
or the area of the tall longleaf pines grew, with the with the ever fresh fallen pine straw covered ground which was a choice spot for Easter egg hunts
or a picnic on Sunday after church.

It was all
of the above
and more to young sons
and friends
when growing up on
our small farm in South Alabama.

That was The 10 Acres.

As Longfellow said
"Oh to be a boy with a heart full of joy"
and play on the 10 Acres once again.